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Phone:   (512) 479 – 0136
Map:   1208 E 11th St     Austin, TX 78702



Our Beer Philosophy is simple.

Beer should be fun for everyone!

So we’ve stocked our shelves and selected our taps with both casual drinkers and beer nerds in mind. And, hey, check out our selection of gluten-free brews. Really, we mean everyone!

24 taps!
Our ever-changing tap list is focused on local and craft beers. You’ll always find a handful of seasonals and a mix of beers that aren’t available in bottles, so you can make the most of your growler!

Living in the endless summer of Austin, TX, we focus on session beers – although it seems 512 Pecan Porter is never out of season.

Thursday night is Pint Night
We’ve got great relationships with local breweries, and are able to get our hands on some of the coolest new brews around. Each week we feature a different brewery with cheap pours, free swag and a chance to chat with the biggest beer nerds in town.

Bottles galore
If you don’t see your favorite beer on tap, check our extensive cooler selection. You’re always welcome to stop and enjoy anything we’ve got on the shelves right here at Quickie Pickie for a $1 cap fee. You are also welcome to break 6 packs to build your own, or just take home a single.

Austin is a city of transplants, and we know how exciting it can be to find your favorite beer from home at your local shop, so we carry lots of regional favorites. If you don’t see your hometown beer, ask us, and we’ll see what we can do!


We’re delighted to exclusively offer Counter Culture Coffee at Quickie Pickie.


Because, besides having had a strong hand in shaping the artisan coffee movement, of which they are arguably the sustainability stars, they have a transparent process for delivering the highest possible quality from farm to cup while maintaining total dedication to equity among all sectors of the industry. Whew. But, really.

Plus we love their Coffee.

Shade-grown, certified organic, sustainably produced. That’s all they offer. Lots of other good coffees out there and a couple of other truly great roasters, but Counter Culture manages to be wildly PC while also consistently delivering coffees of incredible complexity and, well, deliciousness.

Find out more about how they’ve integrated integrity into every level of their business, why, and what its effect is on that cup right in front of you. You’ll enjoy it even more!


We think buying Wine should be Stress-Free.

Wine to stay
Our by-the-glass wine list is small but mighty! We’ve drawn our list from sunny, food-loving southern Europe, where easy drinking wines are a part of every-day life. Taste them all and then relax with a glass on our patio.


Maña Marisquero Alicante

Valencia, Catalonia, Spain
Whether the “maña” refers to the winemaker’s having employed the shell-fisherman’s skill or his illusion, this dry, mineral and slightly saline refresher will have you reaching for some crabcakes.

Palagetto Vernaccia di San Gimignano

San Gimignano, Tuscany, Italy
Beautiful bracing lime on the palette, metal and minerals on the nose. Do I want salty sausages or spicy fish? I’ll take both!

Monte del Frà Custoza

Custoza, Veneto, Italy
Fragrance of citrus, quince and flowers. Beautiful mouth feel: round and lean at the same time. Sweet spices, honey and, poof, a perfect dose of acid on the finish. A superb food wine and a double-handed quaffer.


Siglo Rioja Crianza

Fuenmayor, Rioja, Spain
Crianza is the queen of every-day wines – pure, fresh and gentle, but with plenty of character and structure.
Great alone, perfect with pork.

Chateau Coupe Roses Minervois

La Caunette, Languedoc, France
Earthy with layers of tar, cherries, raspberries, blueberries, and black pepper with floral nuances.
Where’s my damn goat slider?

Biricchina Piemonte Barbera

Priocca, Piedmont, Italy
Soft tannins, raspberry and Bing cherry on the nose and the palette. A real beauty with a sassy little fizz that makes you want to date her all summer.


Clos La Soleya Cava Brut

Sant Sadurní d’Anola, Catalonia, Spain
Every day a celebration.
Clean, crisp, refreshing – perfect apéro.


on tap!
Bieler Pere et Fils Sabine

Aix-en-Provence, Provence, France
7./15. [O.5-litre carafe]
Bright, brisk, salted fruit candy…who cares?
A carafe and one glass, please!

Wine to take away
We also carry more than 300 wines on our retail shelves. Take one home or enjoy it here at Quickie Pickie for an $5 corkage fee.

We offer some of the best well-priced small producer wines available in the Austin market and are always looking for hidden gems. So you may not recognize a lot of our bottles.

Don’t worry! We have wines for all tastes and wallets and we’re happy to answer as many questions as you want to throw at us.

follow us on Twitter and Facebook for information about tastings and special wine events.


We can feed you in a hurry. We can feed you all day long.

The Quickie Pickie kitchen is cooking – morning, noon and night.

We cure our own bacon, make our own chorizo and have our sausage recipes made by Richardson Farms. We source our meats locally and use as many natural and organic ingredients as we can. Above all, everything is fresh.

From our house-made mayonnaise, giardiniera, salsas, salad dressings and croûtons – we make everything from scratch. That Ben E. Keith truck you saw out front? Nope. That’s all beer!

We’ve also gathered together an array of quality artisanal baked goods from such talented peers as Cake & Spoon, Misty Morning, Flour and Baked in Austin.

That’s because in our perfect world it’s fresh, unpretentious, delicious food that rules the day.

In the Quickie Pickie kitchen we’re cooks through and through. We love the food and we like to say that it loves us back.

Whether you’re stopping for a hurried breakfast or lunch, afternoon coffee and sweets, or an evening of lingering, eating and drinking, we want our food to make you feel like it loves you, too.

We’re glad you’re here!





house-made bacon, cage-free eggs + queso fresco

house-made chorizo, cage-free eggs,
sweet potato + tomatillo-jalapeño slaw


refried pintos, cage-free eggs + cheddar

refried pintos, guacamole, pickled carrot + cabbage

migas, fried tortilla strips, eggs, pico de gallo

steak, cage-free eggs, red bell peppers, onions
+ cheddar


sausage, cage-free eggs
+ cheddar


potato, cage-free eggs
+ cheddar



migas plate
w pinto beans and tortillas

veggie plate
scrambled eggs with spinach, mushrooms and queso fresco w pinto beans and tortillas

house granola,
White Mountain Bulgarian-style yoghurt or milk, fruit

cake & spoon scone
served warm w butter

cream cheese or butter

We proudly serve Counter Culture coffee in our full range of
coffee drinks.





the butternut
seared butternut squash, red pepper goat cheese, caramelized onions and greens on sourdough

the big chz
grilled pimiento cheese on sourdough

the BLTX
house-cured bacon, lettuce, tomato and guacamole on sourdough

the muffaletta
ham, mortadella, prosciutto, genoa salami, aged provolone and olive relish on a ciabatta roll

the purple pickle
spicy eggplant spread and giardiniera

the shuffle
black truffle egg salad with lettuce and tomato on sourdough

the quickie chickie
chicken salad with tomato confiture and greens on sourdough

the radio
tuna salad with greens and tomato on sourdough

the country hammer
country ham and gruyere on rye


green salad
radish, orange, scallions, toasted walnuts, croutons, house ranch

spinach salad
pickled onion, feta, cherry tomatoes, cucumber, olives, and lemon herb vinaigrette

add roasted chicken $3

add chicken salad $3

add tuna salad $2

add egg salad $2

with candied salted hazelnuts, pickled onions and olive oil

buttermilk cabbage slaw

sweet potato, butternut squash, rutabaga, green onion, radish, sage vinaigrette

quiche du jour

butternut squash, spinach, or tomato gruyere.
with salad

soupe du jour

8 ounces
12 ounces




happy hour


fried pickles

warm castelvetrano olives

hand cut fries

add fries


House Burger w tomato confiture, pickled mustard seeds, cheddar

Green Chile Burger w pepperjack cheese

Plain Jane w lettuce, tomato and onion

Take Away

Toothpaste. Check.
Cereal and milk. Check.
Pizza. Check.
Pasta, sauce and salad fixings. Check.
Ice cream. Yes!

In addition to our beers, wines and take-out foods prepared here in our kitchen, Quickie Pickie also carries a small well-curated stock of groceries, snacks, body care products and household items to get you through your busy day without having to brave the grocery store.

What do you need?


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About Us


Quickie Pickie has been a neighborhood institution for more than 25 years, newly updated to keep pace with 11th Street’s revitalization.

Part convenience grocery, part café, part beer joint, we are a hybrid uniquely suited to our neighborhood in the same way the bodegas of the northeast, the packed little colmados of Latin America, and the bar-tabacs of Paris and Marseille are uniquely suited to theirs.

Fast when you’re in a hurry and chill when you want to hang out. Join us!

Morning, noon and night.


Beginning around the turn of the millennium, the City’s urban renewal plan sought to revive and revitalize the once vibrant retail and entertainment district along the 11th and 12th Street corridors. As a part of that plan, block 19 – the section whereupon Quickie Pickie and the East Village Lofts now sit – was slated for total demolition to make way for an office building with ground level retail. Progress, however, was slow.

Then, just as East Austin was beginning to come into its own as an up and coming neighborhood (signified by a newly-acquired upper-case E), fears about the economy caused the redevelopment process to all but stop. When some of the small businesses that had been part of the initial development phase began to struggle, it became clear that what was missing was customers. In other words, residents with disposable income.

Thus was the East Village Lofts project born and the Quickie Pickie saved.


Owner: Zahir Prasla
Concept/business design + development: Mohammad Walid
GM, Grocery buyer: Mohammad Walid
Beer + coffee buyer: Mohammad Walid

The Beauty

Let the sun shine!

Heartfelt thanks to a tiny army of gifted visionaries for transforming our shabby-cute drive-thru into a welcoming marvel of repurposed pattern and color.

For help transforming your own spot on the space-time continuum, visit our æsthetic gurus:

Jesse Hartman of Shift Build
Aaron Michalovic of Michalovic Wood Art

sign painting and mural by Joe Swec
gardens by Kevin Trehan
visual design/branding by Ryan Rhodes of Land
cabinetry by Nick Lyon
website by David Dorris
photos by Rino Pizzi